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Dr. Payal Featured On Top Doctor Podcast

Our very own Dr. Payal Patel was recently a featured guest on the Princeton Spine And Joint Center Podcast.

She recently sat down with Dr. Scott Curtis to discuss “Physical Therapy For Active Adults”.

More specifically, Payal and Dr. Curtis talked about her treatment approach that is so effective in getting active adults back in the game of “life” so quickly, so they can remain doing what they love without having to slow down.

If you are an active adults who is concerned about losing control of their health without having to slow down, you’re going to want to listen to this!

There’s a reason Dr. Payal is such a sought after physical therapist who has quickly become one of the nation’s top physical therapists when it comes to helping active adults end chronic, lingering conditions to return to their active lives.

Here’s Just A Fraction Of What You Will Learn:

  • The problem with most physical therapy approaches, and why they aren’t enough if you want to stay active
  • How any “regular Jane or Joe” can feel like an athlete again in no time
  • Some of the real reasons causing your chronic back pain, which explains why “traditional” treatments weren’t what you’d hoped for
  • Why relying on injections to patch you up is like running in place
  • The mindset you need if you are to overcome this injury and not let it take over your life
  • Why she feels so passionate about helping active adults live healthier lives

And so much more!

We really hope you enjoy listening to this podcast. If you are considering working with Dr. Payal or another of our physical therapists at Adapt and want to learn a little more about how our treatment approach is different, this would be a great listen!

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