About Adapt Physical Therapy

Whether you've come looking for specialist physical therapy, want advice on ending pain and regaining your mobility, or want to sleep more soundly at night, you've come to the right place. Meet our experienced and professional team who will be helping you and working with you every step of the way. 


Dr. Payal Patel

Co-Founder, Director Of Physical Therapy
Payal is a physical therapist, director of physical therapy, and co-founder at Adapt Performance And Rehab. She has worked with professional athletes from professional football, hockey, and soccer as well as firefighters.Payal currently focuses on helping active adults who desire to stay active and have been let down by previous physical therapy treatments, doctors, or other treatments. She has had her own back pain, which debilitated her as an athlete and active adults. Her struggles led to her progressive style of treatment which she now uses to help active adults put their own injury struggles behind them so they can do what they love.Payal believes all athletes and active adults should have the confidence in knowing that their bodies can stand up to any task and stay active without the worry of lingering injuries slowing them down.

Cody Plofker

Co-Founder, Marketing Manager
A montclair native, Cody is Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of Adapt Physical Therapy.Cody originally gained interest in the field of physical therapy after a knee injury in high school. After many "generic" treatments left him in pain with athletics, Cody began working out to strengthenen his body and research how it all works to get back to working out and playing golf. This led him to a degree in Kinesiology and a career in the heath and wellness field, where he met Dr. Payal Patel. Together they bring together their collective knowledge and passion for helping active adults live better, more fulfilling lives.When not working, Cody loves to play golf, workout, and ride Jetskis.
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