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If You're A Successful Accounts Manager Or Would Like To Be, Then We'd Like To Talk To You About Working At Our Rapidly Growing Physical Therapy Practice

  • Are You Able To Confidently And Effectively Communicate With People On The Phone?

  • Are you able to confidently overcome objections to help people make better health decisions?

  • Are you able to have positive conversations involving money and payment?

  • Do you find yourself constantly excited to learn and challenge yourself?

  • Do you pay significant attention to being organized in your professional and personal life?

  • Are you the type of person who excels in the face of adversity?

  • Are you able to calmly and constructively navigate through situations involving conflict?

  • Are you able to think critically and challenge the status quo?

If You Said YES To Those Questions, We've Got A Great Opportunity For You...

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About Adapt Physical Therapy

We help active adults break free from injury and regain their physical freedom so they can be active and confident for years to come.

Adapt Physical Therapy is a brand new to Montclair physical therapy clinic that that is expecting rapid growth and needs a solid accounts manager to facilitate our growth. 

We've  actually been open for about 2 years, but this fall we shut down a very lucrative clinic in Lawrence, NJ to make the move to our hometown of Montclair to be nearer to family and friends.

We are expecting rapid growth and see no reason anything can stop us.

Although we are new to the area, we are so confident in our growth for several reasons. 

For one, what we do is vastly different to anyone else in the area. 

Just one glance at our google reviews and you can see that we provide an exceptionally high level of care and great experience to all of our clients, which makes them rave and tell their friends. 

Secondly, we've used our 2 years in business to create strong marketing and attraction systems that most businesses just don't have. 

As such, we are in need of a  strong sales person who can communicate the value of what we do to help people make better health decisions for us to grow as rapidly as we can. 

About The Accounts Manager Position

  • Minimum 2 years sales or equivalent experience

  • Strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • High "emotial intelligence" to interpret non-verbal communication

  • Buoyancy - must be someone who doesn't falter in the face or rejection

Accounts Manager Responsibilities

  • 1. Accounts Management And Sales - Successful implementation of the Adapt Physical Therapy nurture system through consistent follow up, providing value and nurture, managing and organizing leads, ultimately helping them make better health decisions towards a transformational outcome by way of becoming a client and purchasing a plan of care.

  • 2. Provide A Great Customer Experience - As part of the Adapt Nurture System and beyond, you will be instrumental in welcoming new or prospective clients to Adapt so they feel welcome and at ease during the initial stages of their physical therapy journey. Critical skills are relationship building, follow up, attentiveness, to name a few. Ultimately your goal is so show prospective clients how much we care about their success so they see us as the best option to help them.

  • 3. Performance Measurement And Analysis - Regular performance tracking to understand the strengths and potential improvements of the Adaot Nurture System and implement to ensure we are able to help as many people as possible

What We've Got For You...

  • A full time opportunity where you get to be an integral part of a small but rapidly growing small business

  • A chance to be a part of an incredible team who is constantly learning and striving for more

  • The ability to make a real difference in people's lives every single day

  • A working environment where you will be challenged, supported, and encouraged every single day

  • Exclusive learning opportunities and continuing education events

If What You've Just Read Is Of Interest To You, We Invite You To Apply Below.

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